Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a new Grandbaby!

Brian Thomas was born at 11:33pm at the Portsmouth hospital in Virginia on March 17th. He was supposed to wait till the 29th but the little Leprechaun decided he wanted his own birthday. We are so excited about his arrival, but will have to be content with phone and email pictures as we aren't able to go out to see him right now. He's quite a handsome little boy.

Big Sis Hannah is doing knuckles with her baby brother!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bierocks and Eggrolls

Son wanted Bierocks and Eggrolls when he came home this weekend. Since the kids don't get home often enough for me, I was happy to oblige. Daughter #1 thought it was a good idea too, so soon I was planning a big cooking day so we all could have some in our freezers as well.
Son is working on a monster Bierock, while hubby is putting anothe batch into the freezer.

We added leg to the 6 foot folding table, topped that with a piece of heavy canvas for a pastry cloth.
That added height sure did save our backs though when we were rolling out the dough and making them up.
You can see on batch of dough in the above picture.  We used 3 to make 4 1/2 dozen plus the monster.

Here is the result of the Monster Bierock son made.  Beside it is a normal sized bierock.  This monster should easily feed 2-3 HUNGRY guys.  He plans to take this one home with him!!  This sucker is a full 9+ inches across and sits on a large pizza pan.  There is my oven mitt in the top corner and rolling pin in the lower corner for perspective.
Then came the eggrolls - I taught the boys how to roll them up and they did a great sure made quicker work of making up the 5 dozen of those.
Here are some of them in various stages:  some ready to eat, some ready to cook, and others ready for the freezer.
And here's the rest of the group enjoying today's work.
oh.....and bundt cake for dessert!  yum