Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alyssa's Birthday

Alyssa Ann Patterson turned 2 yesterday.

This is her with her daddy looking over the new Eye Spy quilt Nana made her.

You can see all the rest of her Birthday pictures at:


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guardian Remi

Remington is guarding the babydoll dressed in baby Brian's sleeper. As soon as I put it here, Remi went over, sniffed it out and layed down next to it just like she does with any baby that she gets to meet.

Sorry about the poor picture, I only had my cell phone.

Update:  The next morning when Brian got up, he found Remi had apparently decided that since we weren't going to take proper care of the baby - she would have to.  Brian found the babydoll actually ON the couch, with Remi right next to it.  With closer examination, we found the Right foot of the sleeper outfit a little dirtier and with a couple small punture holes.  We only wish we would have had a camera capturing how she drug that babydoll across the room, and got it up on the couch.   
    We don't know, maybe Zeplin helped her out, but I have a feeling if Zep even came close to the baby, Remi would have told him to 'back off' in no uncertain terms.  So it would have been a pretty fair struggle for her to get that babydoll up onto the couch where she wanted it to rest.