Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lucky Bug

 Whew!!  We had a pretty good storm pass through here this morning.  

  We knew the wind blew but just now looked out and saw this! 

Luckily, not near as much damage as it could have been. I guess that other crab-apple tree is doomed too.

 I stared to breath a little easier as I saw that it looked like it missed the lil Bug entirely.

 oops....looks like I'll be ordering a new antenna.

 The tree fell just in front of the bumper.  There are a few scrapes across the front trunk lid, but they might buff out.
Until we back it up and really assess the damage, it looks like a couple of dents in the roof are the extent of the damage along with the antenna.

Lucky Bug!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

For Mother's Day, I asked for updated family pictures.

This is the 6 years the Fall of 2008

Spring of 2014

While not everyone in this picture is officially family yet, they are all considered family.

and there were more  

Michael, Mikayla and Megan
back row - Brian Uphoff & Brittney Schmitz
front row - Hannah Uphoff & Alyssa Patterson
40 years together this summer

Brittney Schmitz, Megan, Nick and Alyssa Patterson & Bo
Hannah, Jason, Mikayla and Brian Uphoff.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


We didn't really need something else to do, but yesterday we brought home our 'latest project'.  We have been on the hunt for an RV, motorhome, camper, ..... and we finally settled on one and drover him home.  

There is some work to be done, but we're thinking and hoping we have the skills to do all of it ourselves, and because of the work we'll have to do, we think we got it at a really good price.

Beautiful day .
Here we go down the road towards my new home.

 View to the front

View to the back.
Lots more pictures here, but for now....we gotta go out and get busy!  We have a date with the KC Chiefs the end of October, and we want to get as many things fixed before then....not to mention learning how to be RV owners!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I know I'm late getting this posted, but since I had to work on Mother's Day weekend, I decided to get Mom her Mother's Day present early.

We went to the local Greenhouse so that Mom could pick out some flowers she would like to look at for the next several months.
Mom wasn't exactly cooperative, and in the end I did most of the picking, but along with some trailing ivy and some Lavender Geraniums, we came home with some Purple and White Pansy, some Cockscomb (remember Mom having that in her garden when I was growing up), some Asparagus Fern (Mom still has great asparagus in her garden) and a new Plant called Hip Hop that was just a nice lacy looking flowering plant. You can see it in the middle of the center planter, and one Spike plant in the center of the bottom picture that dad calls a Yucka plant !!
Oh, about those planters - they were our gift to Mom & Dad this past Christmas. They are Cedar. Dad then made brackets so they would fit along the railing of their porch - Dad could water them easily and Mom could enjoy them from the kitchen table.

I ended up missing 2 plants while I was planting them up - I just made due with what I had, and was satisfied they were plenty full without the missing plants. Dad and I talked, and wondered where they might have gone....thinking that maybe Mom or the terriers helped themselves to them. I was putting my supplies back in the car - guess what I found in the trunk - - yep the missing plants!! Sorry Mom, and sorry dogs.... (slapping the forehead!) Dad and I had a good laugh over that.


On the way home, I stopped by the cemetery to see how the Peony bushes were doing.  I was a bit concerned because twe planted them 2 years ago, and for the last 2 years they've been mowed off!!!  I was really happy to see that they've been allowed to grow this year.

They both have nice buds, but of course Angelene's has more and they are robust.  I hope they are blooming nicely for Memorial Day, but at least this year - they got to grow!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woodcutting at the Farm

We spent a good part of yesterday cutting wood at the farm.  While I didn't get pictures of all the process, I did get a couple to share..... you'll probably have to click the picture to see the captions.

Then there was a breakdown that had to be repaired - that took a fair share of the afternoon.
So there was a little siesta time.....
 and the final results. 
 The box is full and a fair amount to the right to hold up that side of the box! 
Wood that should keep the 'farm hands' warm through the cooler nights.
 Oh look....there's the farm hands now !!

Remington at work